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If you're into chess then this site is for you. You are just three steps away from playing chess with your friends. Please real-time or a move a day, you choose the pace.

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Some of the features of Interchess

  • All your games saved are so you can review them at any time.
  • Each move of a game is recorded in Algebraic Notation and displayed in a move history list which can be used to review the whole game, move by move.
  • Full move validation to prevent illegal moves, with helpful messages to explain any invalid moves.
  • All the usual chess mechanics supported; Castling, Stalemate, En Passant, Pawn Promotion.
  • Drag and drop piece movement or two-click movement if you're on a touch screen device.
  • Customisable boards and sets.
  • Email notification of new games and moves (coming soon)

Features that are coming soon

  • Email notification of new games and moves.
  • Export of a game in PGN format.
  • Password recovery process.
  • Print out a game history.
  • Play modes; send move as soon as you make it or review your move before clicking send.
  • More chess sets and boards. If you would like to submit a board or set for inclusion get in touch.
  • Interchess is constantly being updated. New features will be announced on the home page when you log in.

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